Underground Oil Tank Sweep

Underground oil tank searchThe primary purpose of an Underground Oil Tank Sweep is to scan the sub-surface for the presence of magnetic anomalies consistent in size and/or location to an underground oil tank (UST).

Taking possession of a property that has not been properly searched for an underground oil tank means that you are responsible for any contamination that may exist due to a leaking underground oil tank that may be located on the property. Clean up costs can range from $10,000 to $100,000 or more. Most Homeowners Insurance Companies exclude coverage for leaking tanks.

Underground oil tanks that have been improperly abandoned may also collapse, causing dangerous sink- holes.

Warning Signs that Warrant Contracting a Tank Search

  • If the current structure was built prior to 1975
  • If the current owner of the property has no knowledge of the existence of an underground oil tank
  • If no documentation is available that a previous underground oil tank search has been conducted
  • If visible abandoned oil lines are observed inside the structure and/or outside along the perimeter
  • If the Heating and/or Hotwater system has ever been converted from oil to gas
  • If an in-service above-ground oil tank currently provides fuel for heating and/or hotwater
  • If the current structure was built on a lot that had a previous structure that was removed