Holmes Inspection Service Client Testimonials

As you are aware, several members of our family have employed the services of Holmes Inspection Service over the past ten years after our oldest daughter purchased her first home. We have always been more than satisfied with the well organized, professional and thorough inspections you have provided. Your written report (hard copy and electronic) is always clear-cut, easily understandable and provided in a timely manner. Best of all, Bob, is your ability to inject humor into a process that can be tedious and boring to those not well versed in what an inspection involves. Your insight into areas of concern, in various houses, has been instrumental in determining whether to purchase a property and your suggestions for improvement have always been an extra benefit for those that have been purchased.

We just wanted to thank you for a "job well done" - Holmes Inspection Service has our highest endorsement!

Brenda and Richard Isaacs February 23, 2017

In January 2006, my wife and I decided to bid on a home located in Monmouth county, NJ. After the bid was inspected we hired Holmes inspection services to perform a home inspection on the house. We had used Holmes inspection services for four previous transactions, and had recommended them to several other people for their purchases. Everyone of them was delighted with the service they received and valued the knowledgeable advice they were given. My recommendation is no small matter to me because I work in the mortgage industry and have also invested in real estate. When I make a recommendation, it's my reputation at stake, so I make sure that if I find someone good, I stick with them and have no problem sharing that information with others.

Greg performed the inspection at the prospective house, methodically analyzing the structure from the ground up. He took the time to explain any defects, as well as their severity and what remedial measures needed to be taken. He was extremely thorough, professional and on top of it, he has a personality. I was impressed how he put the home sellers at ease. After having their home inspected for three hours I though they might pass out. The inspection pointed out several serious issues that the home owner wasn't aware of, such as a short that was occurring in the electric panel. This was pointed out to the home owner who immediately had that fixed, maybe saving their home from a serious catastrophe.

Purchasing a home for most people is the greatest investment that they will ever make, and I have heard horror stories of people who had inspections done by unknowledgeable people (you can take a course online and call yourself an inspector) who ended up regretting making the purchase. I can honestly say that with Greg that type of thing wouldn't happen. I will be using him again in the future and will continue to recommend his services to others. Again, it's my reputation at stake.

Steve Loges Assistant Vice-President Commerce Bank, N.A. Residential Mortgage Department February 23, 2017